One word. Genuine. It’s the best way to describe newcomer Hip-Hop lyricist, L.B. The Washington, D.C. native story-teller is ready to write his life in ink and bring it all to the stage, unadulterated… all cards faced up. With soul searching tracks like “Gods”, it’s clear that L.B. has been penning songs since early childhood and is no stranger to using music as his medium.

“…Speaking my mind, that’s my main message…more so, stand up for something that you believe in no matter what it is. My music is more personal. So, when I do speak on tracks or when I do give messages in tracks, I try to …more so, tailor it around my life. So what I believe in, is speaking on what I believe in. And I want to stand by it 100%! ” -L.B.

Currently, L.B. has been giving his audience a palatable, creative, and gritty visual of the world from his angle, which can be seen in his new video, “Come Alive”. In addition, he’s been preparing for more high-energy shows, recording, and breathing life into his brand, 199X.

L.B. has been relentless in implementing and encouraging ingenuity, transparency, and paying homage to the underground culture of hip-hop. His future sights are set on bringing a good show to a city near you. Between his wordsmithing, energy, commanding performance presence, and dedication to staying true, you are sure to get just that.

– Suze’