Who is Ceno? A Voice to Be Heard.

“There are a lot of people who haven’t experienced where I come from, they have perceptions or stereotypes on who they think I am. People should listen to my music to gain insight and understand there’s a reason for everything. Everyone in the hood is not a gangsta’ or thug.” – Ceno

On August 6, 1992 a legend was born, Vincent Minto, also known as songwriter and recording artist Ceno. Originally from Seat Pleasant, MD he’s no stranger to the “hood” and is patiently waiting to be heard. Ceno feels strongly about getting people to listen to his music and believes that all of us are victims of our environment. He plans to speak these thoughts and much more through his expressive, storytelling-songwriting style and knows he has a voice for those who are misunderstood.

At a young age, he fell in love with rap hearing a family member freestyle. “I wrote my first song trying to battle,” Ceno recalls loving the writing experience from the age of 8. As his writing and rapping skills grew, he became tired of waiting on other people to record so he decided to learn how to engineer and became great at it.

Ceno re-located in 2010 to Florida to pursue music engineering but eagerly became more interested in rapping and creating songs with depth. Engineering remains one of his strengths but now he is focused on his own music. Ceno also avidly writes for R&B artists because it gives him an opportunity to express emotions and bring to life a message he feels he can’t always get across through rapping.

As Ceno continues to master his craft, he is often influenced by artists such as Bone Thug -n- Harmony, Tupac, J.Cole, Kendrick Lamar and Drake. He says those artists make him want to do better. On a personal note, he says his ultimate push and motivation stems from his younger brother. Ceno is determined to make sure his brother does better than him and pushes him towards that every day.

Ceno lives by this motto: “There’s no limitation to what the mind can conquer.” In addition to a production company he has big hopes for, he also plans to release a debut project. He is constantly working, creating singles and visuals that represent his talent. Every step for him is one step closer to living his dreams.  Follow Ceno on Facebook, SnapChat, Twitter and Instagram @Cenorudeboy.