Kendall Day is the new kid on the block. He has been labeled as the Freshman, but by no
means do not let his youthful exterior fool you. This young man has an old soul. He has
been given the name ‘Freshman’ because he is the first artist on Grand Slamm Records.
Kendall Day smooth R&B vocals and witty yet comforting lyrics will engage you into a
harmonious state of mind.

Kendall is a vocalist/songwriter that is always working. He was influenced by the great
Michael Jackson, R.Kelly, Usher, the Fashion of Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs. Once on stage
Kendall Day propel to new heights. The energy he draws from the crowd is incredible, it
transforms him to a musical piece of art. His love for music is second to none. Kendall
knows that dedication and strong work ethic is key to becoming the people’s choice.

Mr. Day has graced the stage with many of Michigan’s top R&B artist such as; Raw
Voyces, MJ Robinson, Kendrick Hathaway and others. National talent such as Kim
Whitley (Next Friday) as brought Kendall out on stage to a sold out crowd. Grand Slamm
Records placed Kendall Day at the head of the table to be the leader of the pack. Kendall
says, “Creating quality music has been of the highest priority for me. It is instrumental to
my well-being and overall existence as a man.”

With that being said. There is more to come from Grand Slamm’s first artist released.

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